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Hi everyone

Thought I should add to the Aussie invasion :D
My car is a 98 VT Holden Commodore L67

power: 295.1rwhp
1/4: [email protected]
Currently has a stock M90 with an air to air intercooler and a XP hot cam.
Soon to be converted to turbo, have a Garrett GT35/40R waiting to go on then bring on the 10's :D

98 Holden VT 'SS' Commodore, Factory M90, 2.7" pulley, Air to Air intercooler, XP Hot Cam, Intense Pushrods, Modded Retainers, 105lb valve springs, Comp Cams lifters, 6L VY sump, ported throttle, LS1 MAF, custom CAI with K&N pod, 50lb injectors, LS1 fuel lines, Walbro fuel pump, 160 Thermostat, Shift kit, 3.73 gears with tightly shimmed LSD.

1/4 [email protected]
Power: 295.1rwhp
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