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(I posted this on clubgp so I figured I should put it on here as well)

Since I keep getting ask so much in my PM box I figured I would just post it. This is a pretty simple kit to put together with quality parts, and 3 nozzle sizes for tunning. The only thing you need to add it your activation source, inline-fuse, 18-16 gauge wiring and mounting bolts for your pump and misc zip ties ect.

The hose that you get with this kit comes with push on hose no clamps needed and comes in black, blue, gray, green, red, or yellow. The special fittings are included in the parts list.

here's a brief description of the hose
• Maximum Pressure: Blended: 200 psi @ 70° F;
Choose-A-Color: 250 psi @ 72° F; High Pressure: 300 psi @ 72° F
Choose-A-Color and High Pressure: -30° to +180° F
Use with air, water, and oil
Because of the unique braid-reinforced design, push-on hose doesn't require clamps or ferrules to stay put. In fact, the more you pull on the fitting the tighter the hose will grip

Now on with the parts.

1st stop http://www2.northerntool.com/product-1/9414.htm
Pump is a Shurflo 1.8GPM @60 psi, can handle 100% methonol
$69.00+ shipping (you can also find these on ebay new for even cheaper)


Here's all your fittings, hose and altenator re-wire kit and upgraded grounding kit for maximum power to you pump.

2nd stop
Just type in the part number and quantity and check out.

1 PACK 91465K91 Push-On Brass Hose Fitting Barbed X Male For 1/4" Hose ID, 1/4" Pipe Size, Packs of 10 $7.05 Pack

13FT 5288K114 Push-On Rubber Hose Buna-N, 1/4" ID X 1/2" OD, 250 Psi, (PICK YOUR COLOR)
$0.80 Ft. $10.40

44665K133 Aluminum Threaded Pipe Nipple-Schedule 40 1/4" Pipe Size, Threaded Ends, 2" Length (Needed for mounting in TB spacer) $1.14 Each

2 50785K36 Extruded Brass Threaded Pipe Fitting 1/4" Pipe Size, 90 Deg Elbow $1.38 Each =$2.76

1 3178K75 Standard Mist Nozzle Brass, Hollow Cone Pattern, 3.16 Gph @ 40 Psi $3.33

1 3178K76 Standard Mist Nozzle Brass, Hollow Cone Pattern, 6.32 Gph @ 40 Psi $3.33

1 3178K77 Standard Mist Nozzle Brass, Hollow Cone Pattern, 9.49 Gph @ 40 Psi

2 packs 7063K32 Insulation-Piercing Wire Tap Connector Moisture Resistant, 18-16Awg Main, 18-14Awg Tap, 600V, Packs of 10 $3.50 Pack =$7.00

Order 3 feet 6948K922 Battery Cable High Flex, 4 Awg, .38" OD, 600 Volts, Red (Same as 6948K92) $1.44 Ft. =$4.32

Order 1 FT. 6948K921 Battery Cable High Flex, 4 Awg, .38" OD, 600 Volts, Black (Same as 6948K92) $1.44 Ft.

Order 2 Brass Threaded Precision Pipe Fitting 1/4" F X 1/8" M Pipe Size, Adapter, 4300 Psi You will need this for the solenoid to convert the 1/4 fitting to 1/8.
Please enter a quantity. $3.04 Each

7106K16 Battery Terminal Connector 3/8" Standard Lug, 4 Wire Gauge, Packs of 10 $4.74 Pack

91465K54 Push-On Brass Hose Fitting Barb X Male, Swivel For 3/8" Hose ID, 1/4" Pipe, Packs of 5 $13.28

Merchandise Total $68.20+ SHIPPING

Last stop http://www.mpja.com/

Now this was the deal of the century on a SOLENOID VALVE it and is compatible with methonol use.
DO NOT USE A NITROUS SOLENOID (The alky will destroy it and cause it to short out) I found that out the hard way. A fuel solenoid will however work but is 7 times more exspensive then this one.

24VDC SOLENOID VALVE Part #15374 HD $4.95
[image]http://www.mpja.com/pictures/15374.jpg [/image]

Activation light

Toggle switch 5001 SW

This place requires a $15 minumum buy. So just get a extra solenoid.

Now if I missed anything please post it I pretty sure this is very complete list and I have worked on it for a few hours now.

If you have a cheap source of Hobbs pressure switches or MSD rpm switches please post them.

The total for this kit is under $200 dollars and if you want to drop up to 4 pulley sizes depending on mods this might be for you.

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hows this look

Please look over this and add whatever I'm probably missing. Figure I'll probably need an inline fuse? The 12v power will be a key on source just like when wiring a pump for an intercooler. Pink wire on the back of the engine fuse Thanks block.
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