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Adding Cruise Control to Gen 4b

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I have an 02 base Camaro with NO factory options and I'd like to add cruise control. This car is Gen 4(b) with electronic throttle positioning, no cable. What do I need to add cruise control to this car aside from the control stalk?

I am given to understand that with the advent of electronic throttle control, the cruise functions are now built in. Is this true?
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Problem solved

The gen 4(b) 1998-2002 Camaros with drive by wire throttle already have Cruise built in to the ECU. All that is required is to install the turn signal stalk with the CC controls on it and connect the tiny 4-pin connector. Best part: No tools required.

The stalk cost me $11.50 at the junk yard and came off a Buick Park Ave.

Cruisin' baby!
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