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Adding a Kill Switch?

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Easiest way to add a kill switch for anti-theft protection? Car is an '02 GTP. I'd like to tap into the fuel pump relay but frankly, I don't know where or how to get to the wiring. I'm guessing I have to get to the wiring under the fuse block in the engine compartment, but how do I get to it? Anyone here done this before? Thanks a bunch!
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You can choose a handful of wires to splice into for adding a switch. If you want to add a fuel pump rewire harness upgrade, it would make this even easier to work, using the new relay trigger wire that won't disturb any fragile OEM wires. This way you add a nice upgrade while keeping the change reversible and simple to reach (comes from trunk, which is even less expected).

On a friend's Camaro, I just got into the ignition wiring as it approached the firewall behind the dash, and did some creative routing to appear stock, until it split off to the switch location.

Watch some videos and read around the internet to collect some ideas from various communities, and get a good idea of what you want to do/where you want to route things.
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