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PCM wiring kit (Boost Bypass Valve Harness/MAP Adapter) $30 shipped

all new head bolts (88891770 x8,25527831 x4, and a few other misc bolts used in a new set of heads) $60 shipped

Modular pulley system from zzp (3.8 pulley) $75 shipped

timing chain dampener, and the green SC coupler $20 shipped

Unused XP hot cam, with new clevite bearings. $275 shipped.

ZZP custom pushrods,3/8" 7.05 (12 rods total) $100 shipped.

full set of stock L67 springs. make offer..

89017824 Head Gasket kit + water pump, Supercharger Outlet Gasket, and exhaust manifold gaskets. $100 shipped.

All items above here are new, and unused.

L67 Heads, decked, valves seats ground, 105 springs, with new retainers and guides. no idea as to value, make me an offer...shipping will not be included on this one...lol
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