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Need a little help, I am having trouble with my 99gtp. The car is stock except 180* tstat, 9" k&n cone, Random Tech Cat, and Dynomax Catback system. 75,000 miles on motor, it gets oil and filter every 2500 miles. Plugs and wires were new at 63000 miles.

My car died as I stopped for a red light. The starter would crank and the engine sounded like it was trying to catch but it would not stay running. after it cooled down for about an hour it started up and idled fine but died about three blocks down the road. I towed it to the shop i used to work at and have tried replacing ingition coils, module, pcm. I hooked onto a snap-on scanner and it is not throwing any codes. Also have solid fuel pressure to the rail, power to injectors, injector pulse (noid). cam sensor and crank sensor showing readings and MAF appears to be working on the scanner. The motor will run cold but floods itself out at operating temps. Only thing the scanner shows is it starts to run rich as it warms up and the plugs were gas fouled after it died.

I know I am throwing out alot but I am completely lost as what to check next. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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