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Hi all. I am kind of new to the Performance end of the L67 cars. I also have a low 11 second GN, so I have a good understanding of what the motor needs to be built to handle.
I have done a few basic mods to my 03 Regal GS, and am looking to do a long term project. Seeing as the car is under warranty I do not wish to mod the death out of the original engine. So, I just traded for a rod knocking 98 GTP motor complete from blower to oil pan. How much of this engine can I use? I understand the "early" heads are prone to cracking. Otherwise can I use all the other parts? Block, supercharger,injectors, intake, etc.
My goal is to freshen the motor with forged pistons, lightly ported heads, and a Comp cam.I will also be removing the balance shaft. Also, I have seen mention of L32 rods, are they the same length as the L67 ones. I work at a Pontiac dealer, so I may be able to get a decent price on new ones.
Any input will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Brian
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