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FREE - Red 97 GTP
What's There:
  • Body & aero kit in good shape (damage to rt side) hood and ft bumper in good shape (detached)
  • All 4 wheels with daily drivable tires
  • 4 speed transaxle (drove great when pulled in)
  • all glass (non moonroof car)
  • headlights lights/turn signals, door mirrors
  • suspension/brakes/hubs
  • AC (complete/charged unit)
  • heater core
What's Not There:
  • Engine
  • wiring harness
  • tail lights
  • cooling system
  • interior/dash/electronics
  • fuel pump/sending unit
* Must haul off (not parting piece by piece)
The car was running and driving with minor damage on rt side. We are using engine/electronics for another project and hoping the parts we don't need can go to another enthusiast before it goes to the crusher. The car is located in South LA area off 91 fwy. DM if interested.

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Land vehicle
Hood Automotive lighting Vehicle Motor vehicle Car
Automotive parking light Tire Car Wheel Automotive tail & brake light
Automotive parking light Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive side marker light
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