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Well I got my new baby back in April, a 1995 Buick Park Avenue Ultra (freakin mouthful). Needs work so I’ve been digging through old threads across multiple forums about maintenance and possible mods for my series I L67.

After weeks of research I’ve decided to tune up and restore performance on the motor, everything back up to par, then swap a series II l67 in. The series I will then get modified and thrown in something smaller and lighter, I’m thinking 80s Century coupe.

Modifications will include bottoms end rebuild if it needs it, top end rebuild w/ rockers and possibly reground cam. New 3 angle valves+ upgraded springs. Might as well throw new pushrods+lifters in. Still looking for valvespring options. On to head/manifold/sc porting, possible exhaust manifold porting, then down pipe and exhaust. Fenderwell intake. Get everything opened up and flowing, get my scanner set up somewhere in there, if everything checks out I’ll start dropping pulleys.

Also put in hours researching 4t60e home rebuild and modifications. Hear a lot about TransGo, Sonnax, and Raybestos. Also Engineered Design LSD. I want to rebuild the stock tranny myself to hold a little more ponies, and maybe it’ll put less wear on the tranny in a lighter car. Shooting for 250 hp but I know torque is the name of the game.

In the meantime the newly endowed series II Park Ave will have been upgraded basically with the similar above mods. New cams and rockers for sure. Power logs and exhaust. I want to spring for an intercooler as well and push 300+. After a couple pulley drops lol.

To get that 300 to the ground I’ll be building a 4t80e and doing a conversion inspired by Pontiac Jeff and LS4 King.

Upgrade suspension and brakes at that point, whatever else needs done on a 25 year old car.

So I’m here hoping there’s others still modding the Series I like me. I think it’s a decent motor but it could use a lighter car. And this Ultra is probably the nicest car I’ll ever own. What sold me is the sunroof, I’m a sunroof junkie. It’s not perfect but with a little body work, paint job, detail(damn near perfect black leather interior), nice 17s, tint, speaker upgrade (it’s way nice even stock right now) and a screamin 300hp series II under the hood it’ll be a mean machine.
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