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2001 Regal L67

Installed 60lb injectors, used HP Tuners to scale Inj Flow Rate vs KPA to stock * 1.64. Now I get a PO171 condition. My exhaust smells rich, and 1.64 is more on the rich side then lean, so I'm trying to figure out why I'm getting this message.

I checked Vacuum leaks in affected areas of work, nothing. I reinstalled the fuel system again checking orings and making sure everything was seated properly (using zzp logs), and still same problem. I used some fuel inj cleaner on these injectors since they are used, no luck.

Anyone experience anything like this before? The car was running perfectly fine the night and weeks before the install. Im thinking of switching back to stockers/stock IFR to see if this goes away to make sure nothing "else" was affected during the install - to narrow it down to the injectors, but am wondering if anything in the programming side I can look at before doing this again.

Only thought I have are clogged/bad injectors
Bad fuel harness inputs (something came loose when installing)
vac leak of course, but I checked the 2 lines I messed with during the install and all is ok (the brake booster, and LIM to T to MAP and FPR)

Also, I was told about looking at an injector constant, I have HP Tuners, not DHP, I dont see anything of this value inside HPTuners, sorry if I'm being ignorant on this statement.

Thank you,



Thank you,
Scott - 2001 Regal Joseph Abboud (L67)
12.81 @ 105mph 1.91 60'
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