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The PS pump in my '03 lesabre is leaking and I need a replacement. I am aware that ACDelco stopped making new pumps for this engine, so I can't buy an new oem one. The options that I can see are:

  • Aftermarket reman pump (most likely gonna go through 5 or more of 'em until I get one that is "good enough")
  • New aftermarket pump that I cannot find a single review or forum post on
  • Used ebay/junkyard oem pump
  • Get my pump (or a used ebay/junkyard oem pump) rebuilt
Now to the actual questions I have;
  • Has anyone here has any experience with the new aftermarket pump I linked above, or even any pump from that brand?
  • Are my chances with a used oem pump any better than with an aftermarket reman?
  • Any caveats I should know if I decide to swap the pump myself?
  • Can anyone recommend a really good quality magnetic filter for the PS system?
  • What size nut is the flare fitting on the pressure line coming from the pump?
  • If I realize/decide I need to replace the return hose, how difficult is the re-routing?
I hope that wasn't too many questions in one post.

Thanks in advance.

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I usually go with a junkyard one for OEM comfort in this situation. Just hunt for something in the 100k or under realm, and run with it for $25-50, either pulling it yourself, finding it in stock via car-part.com, or thru eBay used parts.

I believe the thread size is 9/16 or 5/8, but I haven't unhooked one in many moons (I could run out to pull the cover off my car with an empty engine bay for the price of a 6-pack and pizza, or you could remind me this weekend when I'm hopefully dropping the new engine in).
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