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328whp with pump gas & torco on stock heads/IC/XP cam

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I hit 327.7whp today after installing the new ZZP IC, fuel logs, and switching my cam to the XP. The power difference is overwhelming, it feels like a much larger gain in power than when I went from the 1.9s to the stage2 cam.

I only had a peak of 11.0#s of boost and couldn't put a smaller pulley on because we forgot to bring a smaller belt. So I am dynoing again tommorow with hopefully around 12-13#s of boost, a cleaner air filter, and better gas.

I have the chart, I just need to get it scanned. I had over 300whp from 4500+ :D

I originally planned on dynoing with the stage2 cam but after looking at some dyno sheets and seeing results of others on the forums , I changed my mind. If I can hit 330-340whp with stock heads, I will be a very happy camper.


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Congratulations James!
Nice! :D What size pulley?
A very small one! It was a 2.9-2.7 yesterday, and today it is going to be a 2.55
2.55 today! :eek:

I still will probably have less boost than John. :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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