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I have an 07 Special Edition GP with 311,000 miles. I've owned it since 32,000 miles and other than regular maintenance I haven't had many issues. Despite the high miles, the car is clean inside and out and a rare edition. At first I was planning on driving it until it croaks, but with the current market I've decided to sell it as I don't need two vehicles. Before selling it I'd like to fix the two issues It has. I've changed fluids consistently and the car doesn't have any codes.

These two issues will be the death of me as neither I or multiple mechanics can figure it out. I'll start with the first one being that it sounds quite common with the 3800 series. The classic "Rev & clunk" issue. When at full stop I go to accelerate and it seems the car has about 1/4th power until it jerks forward into gear, sometimes really hard. This happens a few times a week, but has got to the point I can feel it if it starts. This has been happening this since 120k miles and I've taken it in multiple times for a look. Naturally, the Mechanics couldn't ever get it to slip so they informed me to forget about it unless it gets worse. Well, 200k miles later and It isn't worse but I'm afraid to sell it to someone with this issue. First timers in my car think the trans dropped out when they experience it.

The Second issue is a strange one. It hasn't started until a few years ago, possibly 50k miles ago as well. In between 2-3k RPM (while accelerating) the engine surges up and down. You can see, feel and hear the car rev inconsistently. This only happens between these numbers and stops if you give it more gas. Unfortunately, this happens to be the area the car constantly idles at during highway speeds so it happens frequently. This started off as an occasional issue, but moved on to a constant one. When this first started, the mechanic replaced the trans oil, throttle body, mass airflow sensor, and some other remedies. This fixed it for a few months then went right back to sputtering. I ignored it for the past year as It hasn't got worse and I only drive it occasionally.

Recently, I dropped it off again to get both issues checked out. The mechanics did the same as before, and gave it back. No change. At this point I'm afraid it may be time for a new transmission. I might drop the pan this weekend to check for metal. Has anyone else had these issues and if so, had any luck in solving them? I've read it could be impacted by old spark plugs, solenoid issues, 02 sensors or even old/corroded batteries.
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