Just came across a 2007 Grand Prix with the engine still in-tact at the local yard. I figured it's a good opportunity to offer one of you a complete GenV supercharger setup.

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$300+shipping for everything on the top of the engine that you want (intake manifold, injectors, fuel rail, sensors, TB, supercharger). Miles unknown, but I'll get shots of the rotors if requested. Some minor items that I saw, visible in pics (vac lines dried out, fuel rail inlet bent, EVAP port missing but can go brass or replace/delete depending on project).

I've got another GenV in storage in great condition, too, if more than one person is interested. Hopefully, I can provide my JY hunting talents to get you started on your projects. This Omaha area seems to have a decent selection so far.

Also have these 2007 L32 engine/heads available from this one (make offer, probably just pick-up or can drive a little bit depending on the deal), and the heads from my 2004 L32 in storage and available ~May after I get settled into a house.

- Dave
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