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I am looking to sell this car and figured I would start here since this was where I found it. I bought it in 2010 with 87000 miles and it now has 89000 or so. It has tons of mods to the engine and transmission and runs very well. It was dyno tuned and made over 300 horsepower at the wheels. I will list some mods below and if you are interested you can message me.

Engine Mods

Aeromotive Fuel Rails
Comp Cams 105# Valve Springs
Gen V Super Charger
GMPP Cat-Back Stainless Exhaust System
Intense 160 Thermostat
Intense S1X Cam
Intense 2.8 Modular Pulley System
Intense Custom PCM
Intense Fenderwell Intake & PowerStack 9" Filter
Intense 3800 Oil Pressure Kit
IRC Fabrication Intercooler & Heat Exchanger
J P Performance Single Timing Chain
Meziere Electric Water Pump
North Star Throttle Body
SLP Ceramic Coated Headers & Hi-Flo Cat
Yella Terra 1.6 Rockers & Pushrods

Rebuilt by Triple Edge Performance

4T65E-HP Rebuild- High Performance street/strip rebuild with GM Torsen Differential installed
4T65E- Upgraded input shaft
4T65E- 7/8" single upgraded chain with 3.29 gears
Reprogramed PCM for gear change

GM Racing Torsen differential
• Used in GM 4T65-E Racing’s FWD drag racing programs
• Tested to 900-plus horsepower
• In drag-race style, straight-line acceleration runs, this results in a
close to ideal 50/50 power split to both drive wheels
• In cornering, while accelerating out of a turn, the Torsen biases
power to the outside wheel, reducing inside-wheel spin
• Provides constant and infinitely variable drive
• Power is transferred automatically without the use of normal friction
• Extremely strong and durable, because it is gear operated
• No plates or clutches that can wear out
• Comes with new pinion gears already loaded


GMPP Rear Trailing Arms
GMPP Sway Bars 34MM Solid Front & 18 MM Solid Rear
Intense Polyurethane Front-Upper (Square) Motor Mount Pair
Intense Polyurethane Rear-Upper (Round) Motor Mount Pair
ZZP / Diagonal Braces
ZZP / Strut Tower Braces (Front & Rear)


Baer Decelerator Rotors
Hawk HPS Pads

AeroForce Interceptor Scan Gauge

I am asking $8000 for the car and if if I get that I will toss in the original factory wheels and some other extra parts I have from it. I have a few other pictures that I can share but I can only upload 5 here. If you are interested please feel free to message me here.

PRICE REDUCED I will take $6800 for the car.

I just sent the water pump back and had it rebuilt and changed the coolant and oil. All it needs is a new owner who wants to drive it .

Link of my nephew doing a car review of it below



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Very Nice...I had Intense do a build for me in 2010..demodded since then...now im getting the itch again .

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I still have this car and I'm looking for a buyer, I just lost all interest in the car since I got my truck.
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