I've had this car for several years, and it has some issues but nothing major. I believe it needs a MAF pigtail (stumbled when plugged in, runs fine unplugged, tested other MAF's, it's not that) and it does need a Left Front ABS sensor. It's the 40th anniversary edition, but the PO swapped out the original wheels, otherwise stock. I put The KYB struts on the front--have back ones, just never installed. Also did the 98-2000 F-body (Camaro) front brakes. The cheap F-body calipers "Clamshelled", so I put C6 Corvette calipers and braided steel hoses from ZZP..It needs a battery and has an exhaust leak now- (haven't looked, but suspect it's the resonator). ZZP downpipe/u-bend delete and Intense PCM, but I have the unmolested original PCM as well A/C not working, but I have ALL the parts to replace / fix--Comp, evap, condenser, drier/hose, etc. Plus a 2000 GTP that runs well for parts if wanted. Other spares as well. Hit me up for more pics/details. Mileage is 132k, parts car-2000 GTP has 138k. I can find/fix the exhaust leak and it can be driven away if needed. The car is "Rust-free" , while the 2000 lived at the shore and has rocker rust.
Open to offers on any/all, otherwise it will end up at the junk yard (Too many other projects/inherited cars/trucks.
The pics are a year old, and the clear coat is coming off the hood, the wheels are dirty, etc., But as we all know, pics always look better than the real thing! Still, the car has potential without major work. You can DM or [email protected]. Thanks for looking!
$1000 or BEST OFFER! Don't be shy.