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2000 camaro swapping in l67 2002 grand prix gt

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I got a sweet deal on this car and motor, i am trying to figure out some of the bigger questions before i get started. the #1 question i have is do i need to get the grand prix gt pcm and harness? or reprogram the current pcm and will the wiring harness i have work with few to no modifications? i understand the firewall supercharger clearance issue and can figure that out, and can probably figure out the pulley system. any advice on wiring and pcm or any other problems i haven't mentioned would be appreciated.
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GT's are not supercharged, GTP's come with the S/C motor, so if it's a stock GT theres nothing in this for you, i'm sorry to burst the happy bubble if you were looking at a stock GT, but if its a gtp, you can swap the motor in with the intake clearance issue, and there's a kit with the necessary wiring here: http://www.zzperformance.com/grand_prix/products1.php?id=173&catid=108
thanks for the link, but it was a gtp, must not of pressed the p hard enough...
hey, it haens :icon_lol:
today i contacted a australian vendor to price out a holden supercharger, will the current throttle body still work? is there any special considerations i need to make concerning the holden supercharger, is there any reason (other than firewall) it wont be able to bolt right up and give me the same as my eaton? any help is appreciated. also any reccomendations as far as necessary mods i may have oversighted.
so go figure Australian vendor flaked. its hard finding the holden m90 here in the states most people seem to have their eatons machined and weld in an elbow. whats the ball park estimate of getting that done or are most you guys doin it at home?
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