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Howdy, everyone!

I've been an avid 3800 fan for a little over a decade, having loved and lost a 1997 Park Avenue Ultra and now owning a higher mileage 1996 Riviera (Supercharged). I've been weighing what should be most important for me moving forward with customizing this vehicle.

Obviously certain interior parts are going to be hard to come by, like the steering column I have that's definitely seen better days. That being said, I've had incredible luck with this vehicle simply by replacing brake, suspension, and intake/engine components over time. It's an auction car that I fell in love with and would like to keep running for years to come, even if it involves a little extra for custom parts.

All this being said, what are some simpler things I can do to increase fuel economy, HP, and overall build quality that won't cost an arm and a leg? I'm open to replacing the supercharger with something with a larger pulley or even replacing the current unit's bearings and smaller components. I'm also curious to what modifications people have had luck with in regards to electronics and quirks, like replacing the radio module that's infamous for dying sporadically or swapping out an HD transmission in the 97 to the previous year's model.

Here are the most updated items: Tires, Brakes (pads, hubs, rotors, lines, master cylinder), Suspension (rear only), spark plugs and wires, valve cover (grommets, gasket, and bolts), starter/alternator, all intake components up to the throttle body, and a new climate control module. I know there are other things to be done, but she's averaging 23-ish mpg on the highway despite being 150k miles into her adventure, so I'm simply looking to continue the joy I've had with this vehicle.

Any and all advice is welcome, as I'm wanting to procure a wish list of what should be prioritized.

Thanks in advance!

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