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1995 park ave voltage drop

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Got a weird voltage drop
During Idle in park or drive voltage fluctuates
When turning off ac the voltage drops very low
And battery light will flicker and jump back up after a moment.

had car for awhile just recently starting acting up.
new alternator
Serpentine belt
Battery ground cable to engine.
Any help would be appreciated
Thank you


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Check all the power/ground wires that run from battery, fusebox, alternator to chassis/frame, starter, etc.

On the W-body's, we made a point to upgrade/supplement all major wires and ensure clean contacts... Running a fresh 4ga battery wire (sold in stores for ~$7-10) from Alt to fusebox, engine to strut tower, battery negative to frame, and sometimes a fresh positive to starter. The H's may have 1-2 different wires that could also benefit from upgrading, due to different positioning of components.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts