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Hello Everyone,

I have a 1994 Oldsmobile 88 that misfires noticeably when warm and also a Hesitation when giving gas. No check engine codes. plus i have obd 1.5 so i cant check that easy. Transmission shifts funny when engine skips. Floor vibration on gas peddle at 2000 rpms and up. Only code i have had was abs and trac lights come on without the tire slipping but i turn the car off and it clears it self. Engine squeaks around pulleys when warm

work done:
Replaced spark plugs and wires.
Cleaned maf with proper cleaner.
Changed oil and filter.
harmonic balancer replaced before i purchased car
brakes rotors drums all the way around
new egr valve before i purchased car

Engine was replaced before i purchased car with a pulled engine from junkyard.

I have checked coil packs with ohm meter.

engine warm
coil 6/3 reads 6.68 and .7
coil 2/5 reads 6.37 and .8
coil 4/1 reads 6.29 and .8
engine cold
they all read under 6.0 i believe the specs should run around 6-9 so is that a problem?

2 coil packs were rusted on the tips but i did the best i can to clean to bare metal still no difference.

I checked the ohm to the icm by the prongs where the coil packs attached and 2 out of the three showed power to each the other one had a ol on the multimeter.

The hesitation is when you step on the gas it revs up for a millisecond then hesitates and then revs up to normal rpms. all happens within seconds. No clue Cleaned the throttle body out no change. Sometimes it doesn't do it or if i hold the gas down a little and then rev it up it wont happen.

The other day in the rain i came to the light at the stop and went to accelerate and i had a very bad skip. Held gas and brake at the same time and the engine shook and backfired. Loud exhaust and engine smelt very hot.
Parked it till next morning and went to check and found it wasn't acting up anymore.

Should i check fuel pressure and icm ?
maybe clogged cat?
will do ohm test on maf and crank sensor
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