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Hello, I acquired a 1988 Park Avenue VIN C pre-series 3800 with 82k mi.
I bought the car not running. I trailered it home and put a battery and gas in it and it fired up and ran beautifully. After 2 minutes it stalled after which it would crank and sputter but not run. The next day it cranked up again beautifully so I drove it into the garage to work on it.

After replacing the crank and cam sensors, I noticed that the car would stay running as long as I kept my foot on the gas. I could drive thr car two-footed and drive around for about 15 minutes. No problems until I let of the gas, then it would immediately stall.

I tested the IAC, coolant temp sensor and TPS then replaced the following…

02 sensor (had DTC)
Ignition module
Ignition coil pack
MAF sensor

To describe the issue in more detail, the engine would run smoothly until it idled down, then it would ‘hiccup’ and stall unless you kept your foot on the gas.

Today a friend and I verified it has good fuel pressure and verified spark on all wires. I then cleaned the batterygrounds. After doing this, the car now cranks but will not start anymore at all.

i am at a loss. My only guess is that something has happened to the timing chain. Hard to believe with only 82k. Any other thoughts? Thanks.
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