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1986 Oldsmobile 442 L67 In Progress

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Hey guys.

I just wanted to share a swap I am working on. I recently picked up a real 1986 Oldsmobile 442 (no the car is not a clone), and I am working on performing an L67 swap....(well sorta...it's not gunna be much of an L67 anymore haha).

Anyways...here are some details on the car as I had picked it up...
-86k original miles
-8.5" 10 bolt rear with 3.73 gears

I have been a huge fan of the 3800 motors for a long time and I have spent a ton of time around Grand Nationals and T-Types (Cotton's Performance, one of the leading 3.8 turbo shops is the next town over). I always wanted to do a huge hp RWD conversion, and I decided this was the car I wanted to shine.

Its a slower paced project because of financial constraints, family and work...but the progress is steady. I encourage you to check back often and give me some feed back!

With that being said, here are a few photos of when I brought the car home and where I am heading:

The motor I picked up for next to nothing from my friends salvage yard Fairview in Chicopee, MA. It was from a 1997 SSEI that sounded great and yard drove fine...but when I started to disassemble, I found the lower intake gasket failed....of course....and made some sweet milk shake!

I am not discouraged about the coolant in the oil, because as long as the crank and block are fine, I am good. Rods, pistons, balance shaft, cylinder heads are all getting tossed!
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Now this is the fun part!

Let me explain the induction system background and some goals for the car..

First off, the car is going to be more then less street driven, but I am a hardcore drag racer and with that in mind...I am aiming pretty high for ET. Lower 9's maybe high 8's on a good tune-up is the ideal situation. I know that turbo is the way to go for big hp and high et with these smaller displacement motors, but I don't want to run an 80mm and take 2 years to spool.

The original plan for the motor was to twin charge. I had machined the blower case, ported the outlet, prepared the t/b area for a 180 (firewall clearance), and I had picked up a Turbonetics Y2k 80mm...

...And then...they DAY after I machined the case and was preparing to ship it out to have the new throttle body plate and turn around tigged on, I worked out a rediculous deal on a Weiand 671...

This is where the plans all changed. Running the 671 gives me the best of both worlds. I get all the airflow in the world (comparative to the 80mm I was planning on running), and I have instant low end ridiculous power on hand. Also, by eliminating the twin charged setup, it simplifies the installation by eliminating additional components to fail (not to mention the advanced tuning).

On this setup, I will actually be running carburetors, so the L67 heads have to go. In there place I will install some worked L36 heads that dont have injector holes drilled.
Its a cool project and a lot is still in the air, but its getting there. I will retain the DIS style ignition with a setup thats programmable for boost...but I am heading in the right track lol.
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Nice, looks like you have a lot of work on your hands, once you are done that thing is going to haul ass!!! :D
It certainly will be a busy winter.
I forgot to mention, today I picked up all my Hotchkis suspension parts...

New drop springs, upper and lower control arms, tie rod adjusters and trailing arm braces.

I was originally going to buy the Wolfe racing arms for the back, but since I plan on doing a decent amount of street driving...I really didn't want to deal with the chatter and harsh ride of the spherical rod ends. Been there done that....not on this car lol.
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I wonder if the blower will capable of making any where near the power of the turbo.
I wonder if the blower will capable of making any where near the power of the turbo.
Turbo would certainly make more...and alot more efficiently....but I am sure the blower wont have any problem making the power I am looking for.

M90 moves 90ci of air per revolution while the 671 is moving 411ci of air per revolution. Also the 671 has the added benefit of having the rotors cooled by the fuel passing over them being a wet blower.

If I can fabricate a good size intercooler core into the manifold adapter as well, I would imagine blower outlet temps would be comparable to those of a turbo blowing through an air to air. If I make the reservoir for the blower intercooler large enough to add ice when at the track, outlet temps could be pretty impressive.
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