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11-sec Z7 Turbo Kit

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18 Nov 2021 update - $1k for just Plogs/cold side (see "Asking" paragraph below)

As seen on my 2020-2021 "Bad Grandpa" upgrade posts/YouTube videos (link to video discussing kit), I swapped out this turbo kit after 10yrs/50k of fun for a larger Stattama one to continue pushing the car more.

This a ZZP Z7 Turbo Kit (no longer sold new) that I ran multiple 11.4-11.6's at ~122-126mph at full weight (~3,400 lbs) with upgraded 66mm Turbonetics T3T04e (usually 62mm) through the largest Spearco front-mount intercooler that fits a W-body with bumper still in-place. The Z7 was the 5-bolt flange/2.5" downpipe version of Stattama's T4 flange/3" out, with same crossover/integrated wastegate design (only Z7 and Stattama have this vs. the Z3 and CarTuning kits)

Asking $2,200 ($1,800 w/o turbo) + shipping (estimate $100-200, will get quote for buyer). Can address cosmetics (sand/re-coat chipped paint/powdercoat on pipes, etc.) for little/no additional cost, upon request before shipping.
Edit: $1,000 +shipping for intercooler, cold pipes, P-logs, wastegate... You can get your own hot-side (Stattama, Z7, custom) if you'd rather not wait for mine to be ready.

Bicycle handlebar Wood Bicycle tire Bicycle fork Bicycle frame

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Old 2009 initial setup pics:

Motor vehicle Automotive fuel system Gas Nut Automotive super charger part

Car Vehicle Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design

Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive air manifold Car Vehicle

Car Tire Automotive parking light Wheel Land vehicle

(front of IC painted flat black in 2010 to "hide" somewhat; bottom edge sits above bottom of cradle)

This turbo kit (with Intense Stg3 turbo cam, basic ported heads, transmission/fuel system upgrades, 5-6mo of initial tuning) quickly hit a best 1/4mi of 11.46 with just 1.8x 60ft times (a time I haven't beaten with the new kit, as of listing this ad), and crossed the finish at a range of 122-126mph with boost of 18-25psi. There's no doubt it has more in it with better launches and even more fine tuning, but I decided to go even bigger during my 2020 shutdown build, so it's up for sale. My loss, your gain. I kind of wanted to keep it for future use, but I have too many "extra" 3800 parts, as shown in my videos.

Parts included (at least $3,500 for similar parts new):
  • Turbonetics T66 t3t04e 5-bolt turbo 0.82 A/R turbine (currently refreshing bearings, or get your own turbo to save $, eBay turbos start ~$99)
  • oil feed/drain lines
  • ZZP Z7 crossover (needs small crack welded near WG perch, can arrange if necessary - vid of what's needed to prevent)
  • ZZP Z7 downpipe (connects to TOG-style downpipe from ZZP)
  • Tial Sport WG 35mm
  • ZZP Front & Rear P-log exhaust manifolds (repaired cracked welds)
  • Spearco oversized FMIC 3" in/out (grid core size: 28" x 10.5" x 3.5")
  • ZZP charge pipes w/used silicone couplers, clamps

Needed for install:
  • Blow-off valve, 50mm flange on pipe (~$80 new, had to keep for new build)
  • TOG-style downpipe (~$290 new)
  • Upgraded fuel injectors/pump/wiring
  • Intake Manifold modifications/replacement for turbo use (ran with L26/HV3 setup)
  • Basic nuts & bolts, connectors, vac lines, RTV, fluids, etc. (items that parts/hardware stores have)
  • Tuning ability for install/monitoring

  • Boost controller (manual ones are cheap/simple to get you going)
  • ZZP mini-AFC to skew MAF readings to avoid outflowing upper limit in PCM
  • aftermarket Boost, oil pressure gauges for closer monitoring
  • Wideband O2 sensor
  • Turbo Camshaft/valvesprings/timing chain upgrades to further improve performance
  • 160 or 180 degF thermostat and thicker radiator (1" thick or more suggested, ~$100 thru RockAuto, or junkyard find on older W-body cars)

Bottom line, a great setup to upgrade your 3800 W-body (may fit H/G-body with effort), but you should to optimize it with tuning and supplemental upgrades (fueling, transmission, cooling, cam/valvetrain, etc.) to truly see the full benefits. Expected performance is in-between Z3 and Stattama listed numbers on ZZP pages for those kits.

Installing is a solid effort (expected for something providing this much benefit). I'd be happy to provide info along the way... but for full install/tuning, you'd have to REALLY make it worth my while to set aside my own 3800 fun (not impossible, just tight schedule with work and such).

- Dave
Now located in Omaha area.

[email protected] (email and Paypal)


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Email sent. It’s not the correct email address. Gmail rejected it.
Fixed, my bad (late night post)
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Updated post to offer everything Except turbo and downpipe/crossover (keeping together) while I wait to arrange proper TIG repair, and complete turbo refresh.
Updated to note that I moved last month to Omaha area. May be closer for pick-up for some.

Will start cleaning up once I fully settle in, which is good for being in even better condition, but bad for the price of even nicer parts. 😁 😎
Yes, I've had a few inquiries, but nothing beyond questions. I'm gonna be unpacking into my house in the next week or so, and that will give me a chance to re-arrange the packaging and inventory for any serious buyers.
I'm also gonna be moving i think pretty soon which is why I have to watch my funds, I have talked to you before in previous threads, only problem i have is that I cannot make a mistake if I purchase due to my financial status which is being disabled currently
Prioritize as needed. Most of what we muse about here is very optional, so never feel obligated to spend what you can't spare.
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