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  1. A few items for sale.

    For Sale
    PCM wiring kit (Boost Bypass Valve Harness/MAP Adapter) $30 shipped all new head bolts (88891770 x8,25527831 x4, and a few other misc bolts used in a new set of heads) $60 shipped Modular pulley system from zzp (3.8 pulley) $75 shipped timing chain dampener, and the green SC coupler $20...
  2. Wanted: Zzp supercharger pulley tool

    Hi all! I am looking to do a supercharger pulley swap and was wondering if anyone would be willing to sell/rent me their used supercharger pulley puller tool? I would be willing to pay you whatever you think is fair, I'm sure someone has one laying in their garage not being used so I figured...
  3. Selling

    Newbie Zone
    I have stage 2 ported zzp heads Comp cam xp Short stack intercooler with bosh pump L36 bottom end Heat wrapped speed daddy headers And tuned ECM to go with mods, Wanting to sell whole engine or the entire 1998 GTP will also part out Make offers I ran a 13.1 on half bald street tires spinning...
  4. l26 (04+) HV3

    looking for an hv3 for the metal l26 upper intake. I have one for an l36 but not sure I want to grind and cut it up to make it work with my l26 setup. Anyone have one for sale/trade? Other stuff I am willing to trade with too in my for sale post. send me a pm or email [email protected] if...
  5. GI: Innovative Turbo - NEW

    For Sale
    Sold Brand new in box Innovative Turbo 54mm compressor wheel with polished E cover(3" in, 2" out). T3 exhaust housing with 5 bolt outlet, .63AR and stage 4 exhaust wheel. Was originally the base turbo for the z7 kit from zzp, bought from Matt (Stattama) but I think I would like to go just a...
  6. zzp s2 bolt size?

    Intercoolers/Water Injection/CO2
    hello i am new to the 3800 forum and i cant find anyone who will say what size the gen 3 zzp s2 intercooler bolt sizes are if anyone knows off hand send me a pm or text me on my phone would be best at 574-358-9069
  7. Parting out car to sell, Zzp togs, mps pulleys, cai, throtle body sheild, 10.5 zzp

    For Sale
    car has been sold. parts are gone
  8. ZZP Turbo Kit for 3800 F-Bodies

    I used the search function but haven't found anything about it: http://www.zzperformance.com/grand_prix/products1.php?id=1145&catid=109 It's the first forced induction setup that I found for 3.8 F-Bodys without custom fabrication… So what do you think about it? Is it save to...
  9. Best Headers/Downpipe?

    Hey guys, I have been reading over the forum for awhile, and it looks like you guys all say the TOG Headers are the best. I'm thinking about ordering them, I was just wondering whats the best downpipe to go with it? I know one of you said that ZZP makes a TOG style downpipe. Looking at the ZZP...