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  1. Newbie Zone
    I've noticed that when I monitor my timing advance (KR) it's usually around -20 to -25 degrees during normal driving. WOT it'll hit 0 degrees but that's the most I've seen. Is this normal on a stock N/A 3800? The only thing I've really done so far is the ZZP "tune".
  2. General Tech
    my "stock PCM" PA ultra shifts WOT between 5000 and 6000 rpm.. isnt this not normal??? :icon_conf now im scared of hurting the motor without doing some mods first i have a CAI, thats all.. my other mods ( pulley, stat, pcm) arent installed yet
  3. Superchargers
    I was doing a WOT scan run and the fuel pump voltage dropped off and the system went lean. The scanner picked up nearly 12 KR for a second before I stopped. The car has a 3.5" pulley, colder plugs, P&P M90, u-bend delete, FWI, 180 thermostat and an overkill PCM. I was running it on 91/100 octane...
1-3 of 3 Results