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  1. Intake
    I'm replacing a leaky rear valve rocker cover gasket on a 2002 GTP and the valve cover looks melted on the outside and chipped on the inside around where it notches in to clear the 3 fuel injectors. Is the new gasket going to seal or do I need to replace the cover? Thanks in advance.
  2. Intake
    My mother's 2002 GTP is leaking oil and from what I can see, I suspect it's the rear valve rocker cover gasket. The front gasket was replaced under recall and the lower intake gasket was replaced by the dealer a few years back. I just got laid-off so I have plenty of time now to do the repair...
  3. Cams/Heads/Valvetrain
    Hi all, I am a little concerned about my new acquisition. I was exeperiencing valve float at 5,500 rpm with my ZZperformance ST1 Turbo Cam and my 105# springs and ~18psi of boost. Therefore I decided to switch to 150# Manley springs. The car runs great and I do not experience valve float...
1-3 of 3 Results