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  1. Injectors maxed?? Stock Pulley, New Fuel Pump and Filter

    Fuel System
    Hi i have a 2004 gtp compg and I just installed a new fuel pump and fuel filter because i saw it was going lean at high rpm. After I installed the pump and filter I did a log and saw that my injector duty cycle was over 100% near redline which seems strange to me since im still running the stock...
  2. Special Shout Out with my Tuning Troubles

    PCM's & Tuning
    Hey everyone, After being unsatisfied with my box tune, I contacted DynoBrian to see if he would tune my PCM. We talked, and I eventually bought an HP Tuner, and sent Brian my tune. From there, he told me the box tune that I had was essentially garbage. Injectors weren't even the correct size...
  3. LF Info on 2008, 3800 Series 3 NA, HP boost

    Newbie Zone
    Ok big thank you to Dyno Brian for shedding a lil light on my problem with my 2008 3800NA series 3 "L26" i wana up my HP on my 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix 3800NA Series 3 but i gotta find a way after i get all my parts together as to how im going to get around the tuning issue's of the New style...
  4. Manual Bin editing

    PCM's & Tuning
    Does any one know of a way to manually edit .bin and .hpt files? I have HPTuners and want to use Tiny tuner to get to some of the tables and features of the PCM not accessible with HPT.
  5. 2002 Firebird into a beast?

    Newbie Zone
    hey guys, ok so its obvious tht i should be in this section since im a newbie to all of this. so my name says it all. i have a 2002 pontiac firebird and i wanna make it the best i can so i can roll or beat some of the top dogs around the area, only problem is is that im 17 and money, at times...
  6. HP tuning

    PCM's & Tuning
    I have been modin grand prix's for the last couple of years and have a pretty good foot hold. I have a 3.3 pulleyed GTP w/ supporting mods. But I just purchased a HP tuner and I dont have the slightest idea what to do:icon_sad:. I have 0 tuning experience but decided (with the help of a...