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  1. Park Ave tune help

    General Tech
    new to the site.. i have a 98 PA ultra. its used as a daily driver and want some little extra get up and go.. i put a CAI so far.. my plans are a 180 stat. maybe a pcm tune and a 3.6 or 3.5 pulley. i know a MPS is the way to go but i dont plan on doing to many other mods so i dont think i will...
  2. ottawa or eastern ontario

    PCM's & Tuning
    anyone in the ottawa region or eastern ontario that can tune my pcm.. i cant have the car off the road so i cant send mine in .. and the shipping to canada from intense or others via ups is insane.. plz help
  3. A good tune?

    PCM's & Tuning
    So I have a hypertech power programmer. Does it produce a decent tune, or would I benefit by swapping to an overkill or intense pcm? Thanks