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  1. Lesabre Related Question

    General Tech
    Need to know how much power a stock 4t60-e can handle I know their pretty weak but how weak. If I replace it with the HD will I have any problems (92 Lesabre). Would like to get lowering springs, or coilovers, but can't find any, so if anyone knows where to pick some up let me know. Any answers...
  2. Swapping a Series III into an '88 Electra

    FWD 3800 Engine Swaps
    Hey y'all, My 1988 Electra suffered a piston ejection, and needs a new engine. I've taken junking the car off the table, as it simply holds too much intangible value. The now-dead engine is a Pre-Series 1 3800, n.a. That said, I have access to a Series III n.a. 3800 from a 2006 Pontiac Grand...
  3. Buick Ultra 2001 front clip damage

    For Sale
    The car was great before the accident, two owners,no leaks, transmission responsive and smooth, strong engine 115k, supercharged, the car had no dents or scratches, radiators are damaged, front frame is damaged, engine and transmission still work, car still moves on its own, car is complete...
  4. RWD transmission questions

    RWD 3800 Engine Swaps
    I have a NA Series III out of a '04 Grand Prix with the PCM, harness, fuse block, etc. The engine is going into a Triumph TR7 and I've been looking at transmissions. I can get my hands on a 700r4 and an adapter plate for reasonable money and was going to go that route, but I now have a line on a...
  5. 4T65-EHD Upgrade and gear change

    FWD Transaxle Components
    Gentlemen: I am fairly new to the 3800 scene, but I am a HD Diesel mechanic with quite a bit of experience and I am ready to start tinkering in the automotive world. I did my homework and research and decided a SC 3.8 is the perfect platform for me. I have had some exerience with NA 3.8s but...
  6. Swap an l67 into a LeSabre, need new ECU?

    FWD 3800 Engine Swaps
    So I have a quick question, I have a 2002 LeSabre with a cracked head and I want to drop a supercharged L67 into it, but a friend warned me about needing a different ECU to match the new motor. I can't seem to find anywhere online where this process has been done and I'm new to "flashing" ECU's...
  7. 4T65E GM Racing Trans

    FWD Transaxle Components
    Anyone know of a 4T65E GM racing trans for sale or anyone have a 1" chain drive for sale? Can't go with an intense or ZZP trans because they will only hold up to around 400 WHP. Need a trans that will hold up to around 600 WHP Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.
  8. SE tranny in GTP

    DTC's, Problems & Troubleshooting
    A friend of mine just asked me if the tranny out of an SE would work in his GTP. The SE is the same year as his GTP, 98, and has a 3800, Not the 3100. Would it work, and would anything need changed? Thanks in advance.
  9. have a problem and cant figure it out.

    FWD Transaxle Components
    i have a 99 GS and about a month ago my cousin and i put a new CV shaft and HUB bearing on my passenger side. i got the CV shaft from autozone and HUB bearing from my uncle at his dealership. the car has been in my garage since i put the new shaft and hub on because of snow and crappy weather...
  10. Weird shutter...

    FWD Transaxle Components
    So after installing a shift kit and new ported tb... and recently when I have it in 1st and do a pull it shutter around 5500 rpm... But whats weird is when I have it in Drive it wont do it.. Not only that but it will shift at 5700 in 1 and 6100 in D. Is there something wrong with my tune... its...
  11. Just want to upgrade as I replace.

    Motor & Trans Mounts
    New to this forum (but not to car forums in general so I'll skip all the noob garbage if you do) and looking for a realistic approach to upgrading the engine mounts. I just bought an '02 SSEi for a daily driver. My ZR2 sucks enough gas as is. 15-30 mpg sounds a lot better than 5-10 this summer...
  12. Transmission slips?

    DTC's, Problems & Troubleshooting
    The past couple of days ive noticed my car seems to not be pulling right when i take off from a stop, kinda acts like its got a stall in it. Then tonight my check engine light comes on. Anyone got any possible ideas on what the problem could be? Its in a 93 Bonneville.
  13. 4t60e to a 4t65e?

    FWD Transaxle Components
    will a 4t65e bolt up to a series 1 (l27) engine that had a 4t60e?I want to adapt a obdII computer to my series one for tunability and the trans looks like the only hurdle. Thanks in advance for any input.
  14. lmb 2000 monte carlo trans Qs

    FWD Transaxle Components
    Well I bought a 00 ss monte as a repairable and i found out i needed a tranny, identification lmb gear ratio 3.29. My Qs are: 1. Is this one of the better trannys that came with this car? 2. Why would someone say that the 3.29 gear ratio kills your engine? 3. What can i expect for comparison of...
  15. new trannie?

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hi, I'm just new, I own a 2000 Impala LS, have been problems lately with the trannie, and there are a few issues really worth mentioning; at highway speeds the car shutters (80 km/h and beyond) and refuses to go into gear (especially 3 & 4) Second biggest is that sometimes (very randomly) when...