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  1. P1811 code whirring sound from transmission

    FWD Transaxle Components
    I had a p1811 code with no hard shifts. My 1-2 shift was running .7 seconds. I put in a transgo shift kit and the shift time is now .15 sec. I have changed the fluid every 75K. It looks fine with no metal filings in the pan or burnt smells. It now has 225k miles on it. Although my p1811...
  2. Guys help me!!! I have no clue!! Lean fuel, abuse mode? Fuel pump? Gimme a pro!

    Fuel System
    hey guys, i have a problem and this will take a minute to explain... i bought a 97 bonneville ssei and it ran good but was not that fast for a supercharger(would not spin the tires) then one day all of the sudden it was a monster and upon pressing the throttle would spin the tires until the...