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  1. Wanted
    I'm putting a gen 3 m90 blower on my NA 3800 and there are still a few parts that i need including the ignition coil bracket that has the pulleys for the supercharger and a fuel rail that will go overtop of the blower but also have the injectors going into the LIM . I've seen them both on...
  2. For Sale
    PCM wiring kit (Boost Bypass Valve Harness/MAP Adapter) $30 shipped all new head bolts (88891770 x8,25527831 x4, and a few other misc bolts used in a new set of heads) $60 shipped Modular pulley system from zzp (3.8 pulley) $75 shipped timing chain dampener, and the green SC coupler $20...
  3. Newbie Zone
    This is just the opinion of someone that has been around for awhile, listen, or don't it's your choice. There are 2 big topics that seem to be brought up over and over. "Top Swap" and "Next mod." Top Swap: Just some quick advice from someone that has been around for a long time, and seen a...
  4. Superchargers
    moved to for sale thread!! sorry im a newbie and could not find the for sale forum. thanks for looking
  5. For Sale
    Sorry Its gone
  6. Wanted
    Almost have my shopping list complete!! Anyways still need the following: -L67 belt tensioner -Rockers (stock is plenty for now) -L67 Headers (RWD Application) -K&N Filter and Box (will make custom inlet tube)
  7. For Sale
    L67 Parts Got an L67 from a '97 GTP. Have a pair of heads; They have the stock springs and valves, no rockers -$50+shipping, Eaton M90 Supercharger; no pulley, has 143,xxx miles on it, has not been rebuilt or had fluids changed -$75+shipping, Have the stock block as well -make offer will...
  8. Superchargers
    i have an 05 Monte LT, its stock. I plan to do a top swap this fall. i need to know if i will run into any problems with it being an 05 L36. i have read some where that it is kind of a mutt in the sense that it has L27 internals, also all the top swap kits and pcms don't seem to go threw the...
1-8 of 8 Results