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  1. Wanted
    I'm putting a gen 3 m90 blower on my NA 3800 and there are still a few parts that i need including the ignition coil bracket that has the pulleys for the supercharger and a fuel rail that will go overtop of the blower but also have the injectors going into the LIM . I've seen them both on...
  2. For Sale
    PCM wiring kit (Boost Bypass Valve Harness/MAP Adapter) $30 shipped all new head bolts (88891770 x8,25527831 x4, and a few other misc bolts used in a new set of heads) $60 shipped Modular pulley system from zzp (3.8 pulley) $75 shipped timing chain dampener, and the green SC coupler $20...
  3. Newbie Zone
    This is just the opinion of someone that has been around for awhile, listen, or don't it's your choice. There are 2 big topics that seem to be brought up over and over. "Top Swap" and "Next mod." Top Swap: Just some quick advice from someone that has been around for a long time, and seen a...
  4. Superchargers
    moved to for sale thread!! sorry im a newbie and could not find the for sale forum. thanks for looking
  5. Wanted
    Almost have my shopping list complete!! Anyways still need the following: -L67 belt tensioner -Rockers (stock is plenty for now) -L67 Headers (RWD Application) -K&N Filter and Box (will make custom inlet tube)
  6. For Sale
    L67 Parts Got an L67 from a '97 GTP. Have a pair of heads; They have the stock springs and valves, no rockers -$50+shipping, Eaton M90 Supercharger; no pulley, has 143,xxx miles on it, has not been rebuilt or had fluids changed -$75+shipping, Have the stock block as well -make offer will...
  7. Superchargers
    i have an 05 Monte LT, its stock. I plan to do a top swap this fall. i need to know if i will run into any problems with it being an 05 L36. i have read some where that it is kind of a mutt in the sense that it has L27 internals, also all the top swap kits and pcms don't seem to go threw the...
1-8 of 8 Results