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  1. Exhaust
    I just spent about 24 hours installing tog headers on my 04 Mc ss I am not an experienced mechanic. But I figured it out. They are on. And they sound amazing.... but... now the car runs terrible. And keeps dying, at first it was idling at about 2k rpm. Then I remembered I forgot to put the o2...
  2. For Sale
    Lower prices - BOSCH GREENTOP 42.5s, Hardened 4th shaft. PRICES REDUCED!! Going turbo. Selling the S/C parts I have collected so far. I have: PICS ADDED Silver zzp MPS 8 rib 3.25" pulley $OLD Comp 105 lb valvesprings. 45k on them $80 shipped $OLD SLP Cold Air Intake $90 obo $OLD Cometic...
1-2 of 2 Results