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  1. received_1958520767638106.jpeg

    Car needing timing chain replaced
  2. received_1040745113079399.jpeg

    Car needing timing chain replaced
  3. Cams/Heads/Valvetrain
    Im wanting to get the step by step instructions on how to change a timing chain on a 1990 oldsmobile royale 88 and the list of tools needed for the job and all other information need to do the job correctly It has the 3800 series one motor In it Email me the information at...
  4. Cams/Heads/Valvetrain
    Anyone with an aftermarket cam (ST4 here) install their rollmaster double chain other than "straight up" 0deg advance/retard? Other q, not running the timing chain tensioner leaves a bolt hole open to the crank... do I need to plug this somehow or will it just be an extra lube hole for the...
  5. Cams/Heads/Valvetrain
    I just installed a JP Performance double roller timing chain on my car. I bought it from Intense. On their site is says, "Originally, the double roller fit is very tight and it seems that a timing chain dampener is not needed. Our experience, however, has shown that the chain stretches just...
  6. New Member Introductions
    I have a 1989 Reatta with 38oo v6. Want to do straight_cut gears because of beautiful sound. Had them on 383 stroker in a Camaro, NEVER needed radio. Seems to me if we convert up: from 3800 to 5066 cc=3.8 to 5.0 liter = 225 c.i. to 300 c.i., assuming same V-angle, why would a conversion not be...
1-6 of 6 Results