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  1. General Tech
    I need y'alls assistance please! I have a 1999 Camaro which currently has a 3.8 engine. I have another built 3.8 that I'm dropping in the Camaro that came from a 1997 Buick Park Avenue Ultra. On this built engine, I'm trying my best to convert my Camaro from a drive by wire throttle body to the...
  2. Member Classifieds
    Tore down a FWD L36 for the long block for my camaro. Selling everything that was on it. This was a completely factory engine with 136,xxx miles. The trans is already gone but I still have all the accessories from the engine. The alternator was good but has sat long enough that it squeaks...
  3. Intake
    Has anyone tried a throttle body spacer in their Chevy 3.8? Specifically the brand Helix throttle body spacer with the grooves that are supposed to enhance the amount of fuel/air entering the intake.
  4. Intake
    Guys I just had my gen3 blower ported to 75mm to meet the northstar tb, and have supporting mods, but now I have am having a terrible idle. It might be a vacuum leak but I wonder if i have to calibrate for the new maf? I added 8% over the entire range of the Maf calibrations cuz its 8% bigger...
1-4 of 4 Results