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  1. 95 PA Ultra l67

    Introductions for new members
    Well I got my new baby back in April, a 1995 Buick Park Avenue Ultra (freakin mouthful). Needs work so I’ve been digging through old threads across multiple forums about maintenance and possible mods for my series I L67. After weeks of research I’ve decided to tune up and restore performance...
  2. transaxle interchangeability

    FWD Transaxle Components
    is there any differences between the NA 3800 trans and the supercharged 3800 trans? like can i take the trans from a Buick LeSabre with the NA 3800 and put it in my Pontiac GTP? any help or info is greatly appreciated!
  3. Rear disc swap 92-99 bonneville / lesabre / 88

    I've been running this swap for almost 4 years now. Here's what I did; Grab rear lower control arms from a 2000+ lesabre or bonneville, cut off the square part where the hub bearing and caliper bolt up, have a machine shop mill the cut side flat, and drill threads out of hub bolt holes. Use...
  4. 3800 Knock sensor

    Naturally Aspirated
    swapping 2000 lesabre 3800 into a 2004 lesabre. Somehow the rear knock sensor was missing in the swapped engine. Can an engine run efficiently with one knock sensor and can I simply plug/seal(screw) the rear one. It looks like the plug for the rear sensor was not connected anyway. Looks like it...
  5. l67 Swap in 2000 Firebird (almost done)

    General Tech
    Almost done with my l67 swap, motor (supercharger and all is in the car). I have a couple issues #1 I need to know the easiest way to tune this thing (could I use a gtp stock .bin file?), I have hp tuners #2 how in the heck an I going to wire the boost controller into the fire bird pcm...
  6. swap a (98) 4t65e-hd for (04)4t65e trans?

    General Tech
    Hi im in a real bind right now. My 98 gtp Trans has taking a dump due to a really bad output shaft seal that was caught to late, so looking thru the junk yard I found a wrecked 2004 grand prix 3800 n/a with low milage. so my question is can I use this transmission to replace my 4t65e-hd, while...
  7. Want to do a swap, definitely could use some advice

    FWD 3800 Engine Swaps
    So I have a little 07 Pontiac g5 that has the 2.2l in it. Week that motor is locked up. It has been for 4 years now. The car has just been sitting in the same spot for those years. I was just going to put a motor in it and sell it, but then I got to thinking. My first thought was an LS. But...
  8. Hood Swap????

    General Tech
    New to forum sorry if this has already been resolved. I have a 99 GTP i like the look of the grand am ram air hood any way i could swap one out for mine will it fit has Anyone done this?
  9. Swap an l67 into a LeSabre, need new ECU?

    FWD 3800 Engine Swaps
    So I have a quick question, I have a 2002 LeSabre with a cracked head and I want to drop a supercharged L67 into it, but a friend warned me about needing a different ECU to match the new motor. I can't seem to find anywhere online where this process has been done and I'm new to "flashing" ECU's...
  10. help please?

    FWD 3800 Engine Swaps
    need help with 3800 series 2 swap from 99 olds delta 88 to 2001 monte carlo ss hello i recently bought a 2001 monte carlo ss for $900 in hopes of replacing the old motor, i bought a motor from a 1999 oldsmobile delta 88 that also had a 3800 series II engine, heres my problem, ive checked around...
  11. 3.8sc l67 swap into 02 pontiac montana

    FWD 3800 Engine Swaps
    I just brought home the donor car, 2002 buick regal GS. I remember reading that the buick regal computer would work well in this situation, and found a donor of the same year as my van. (buick was a total loss hit in the rear) I probably wont get started on the project until this winter, but...
  12. series 1 s/c swap

    Newbie Zone
    have a 97 bonneville ssei with a blown series 2 s/c 3800 and a wrecked 95 riviera with a good series 1 s/c 3800. i was wondering how hard it would be to swap in a series 1 and if it would be possible
  13. 4t65e swap

    FWD Transaxle Components
    Does anybody know if would be possible to get rid of the 4t65 and go to a manual trans axle? If it is possible what trans-axle would work best and what kind of custom fab issues would you expect to run into? I've kinda been researching a little bit and from what I've found so far it looks like...
  14. Swapping a 3.1L for a 3.8L

    FWD 3800 Engine Swaps
    I have an 03' buick century with the standard 3100 SFI engine. Seens how the 97-05 Buick centurys never came with with the 3800 (to my knowlage). I was wondering if its possible to swap my 3.1L with a 3.8L supercharged engine out of a 97-05 Buick regal. Being more or less the same body style...
  15. 1977 nova L67

    RWD 3800 Engine Swaps
    My name is Alex Carr, I am 19 and I own a '77 nova. I've been building it for the past 2 years and finally came to the conclusion that i'm tired of that old SBC 355. I talked it over with anyone who would listen. After talking to my instructor, and doing some intense research, I decided that...
  16. Gen V swap

    Im sure that its somewhere on the fourms, but can anyone give me a complete list of what it takes to do a gen v swap? I have an 04 monte carlo ss s/c with the gen III. What all needs to be done for the swap? Thanks
  17. Can a V8 be put in a GTP

    RWD 3800 Engine Swaps
    When I bought the car, i was looking for something semi-sporty, yet powerful. I have to admit the GTP is pretty stout for stock, however I want to make it unique, I can't afford to rebuild an old muscle car or hot rod. So I guess the first thing I should ask, would be is it possible to convert a...
  18. Supercharged 3800 Series 2 swap

    FWD 3800 Engine Swaps
    I have a 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier and I want to swap in the supercharged 3800 Series 2 engine into it. I was just wondering if i could get some advice for finding the engine, tranny, ecu, and motor mounts for a cheaper price.
  19. random engine swap quedtion

    General Tech
    Not sure if I;m posting in the right section, but i have had sme random engine swap ideas rollin through my head. I have a 97 gtp and have been thinking about swapping in a 5.3. The more i think about it the more i try thinking outside the box. Anyone ever heard of a 6.2 swap into a gtp? Or does...
  20. Nightmare!!!

    FWD 3800 Engine Swaps
    Ok here's the deal.I've got a 94 Buick 3800 I'm putting it into a 94 Olds Supreme Sl. The cut has a stock 3100. As far as wiring goes,what do I need to take from the Buick to make it work in the Olds? Thank's in advance