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  1. Rear caster?

    Springs, Struts, & Traction Aids
    I didn't know what category to put this under but.... Hit a patch of ice last night and slid into a curb going about 5 mph. When I hit it, my rim on the rear passenger side took the impact. I wasn't going fast enough to do any harm( so I thought). After the fact my car was pulling. I...
  2. struts and springs

    Springs, Struts, & Traction Aids
    Hello everyone, Moving on to the next bit of my rebuilding of a 98 gtp (transmission and engine bugs seem to be worked out), I am now going to start to tackle the suspension. My suspicions are that everything is indeed shot, everything feels like a three foot pot hole and there is a lot of...
  3. Stock SPrings + KYB??

    Springs, Struts, & Traction Aids
    Hello world! I have been running Eibachs with 4 way adjustable KYB struts and Michigan roads hate me and my car. I love the way it handles on smooth road but forget trying to clear a steep driveway! I am going to purchase OEM springs but was wondering how they do with KYB struts. I was going...
  4. 2004 Grnd Prix GTP rear camber.

    Springs, Struts, & Traction Aids
    MY wife drives a 2004 GP GTP. We bought it used with 17k on it. Rear tires were bald on the inside, dealer put new tires on all 4 corners. Since then, we have had to put on another set of tires at 40k. This car eats rear tires up. It has what seems to be a camber issue in the rear. We have had...
  5. the cable trick

    Springs, Struts, & Traction Aids
    Does anybody have thorough instructions on putting cables in the rear suspension of a 2000 Buick Regal as a preload?