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  1. Lesabre Related Question

    General Tech
    Need to know how much power a stock 4t60-e can handle I know their pretty weak but how weak. If I replace it with the HD will I have any problems (92 Lesabre). Would like to get lowering springs, or coilovers, but can't find any, so if anyone knows where to pick some up let me know. Any answers...
  2. Rear caster?

    Springs, Struts, & Traction Aids
    I didn't know what category to put this under but.... Hit a patch of ice last night and slid into a curb going about 5 mph. When I hit it, my rim on the rear passenger side took the impact. I wasn't going fast enough to do any harm( so I thought). After the fact my car was pulling. I...
  3. struts and springs

    Springs, Struts, & Traction Aids
    Hello everyone, Moving on to the next bit of my rebuilding of a 98 gtp (transmission and engine bugs seem to be worked out), I am now going to start to tackle the suspension. My suspicions are that everything is indeed shot, everything feels like a three foot pot hole and there is a lot of...
  4. Stock SPrings + KYB??

    Springs, Struts, & Traction Aids
    Hello world! I have been running Eibachs with 4 way adjustable KYB struts and Michigan roads hate me and my car. I love the way it handles on smooth road but forget trying to clear a steep driveway! I am going to purchase OEM springs but was wondering how they do with KYB struts. I was going...
  5. 2004 Grnd Prix GTP rear camber.

    Springs, Struts, & Traction Aids
    MY wife drives a 2004 GP GTP. We bought it used with 17k on it. Rear tires were bald on the inside, dealer put new tires on all 4 corners. Since then, we have had to put on another set of tires at 40k. This car eats rear tires up. It has what seems to be a camber issue in the rear. We have had...
  6. the cable trick

    Springs, Struts, & Traction Aids
    Does anybody have thorough instructions on putting cables in the rear suspension of a 2000 Buick Regal as a preload?