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  1. stock injectors for L67

    Just getting a swap together, motor from 02 Bonnie into something very different. Anyway, at least one injector is flooding - I'd be interested in a set or maybe fewer, for spares/replacements. I figure this will keep me entertained for a while before I start hopping it up, so stock will do for...
  2. injectors

    wtb Stock gtp injectors.. I need two sets. i think they are 36lbs injectors?? Thankss
  3. 96 Camaro Heads

    For Sale
    Hello everybody. I had gotten a pretty sweet deal on a long block a while back, and was debating forever on whether to keep the heads and port/polish them myself or just get new ones. I think you already know what the final verdict was! These came off a 96 Camaro with 138k miles on it. These...