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series ii
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  1. Exhaust
    Hey I'm looking for some headers for my 95 Bonneville SSEi but I can't seem to find any for the series I supercharged. I've found plenty for the series II though are they interchangeable (possibly with modification) or does anyone know of any for sale for the series I?
  2. For Sale
    3800 SC Supercharged Fiero engine harness for sale Complete plug and play. Fits 85-88 3800 Series II. PCM fits in the stock Fiero ECM location (slight modifications needed) Wired for a 1998-2002 PCM. PCM not included. 4 or 5 Speed Manual Transmission Includes connections for All...
  3. For Sale
    This set was made from a spare 3.8L GM Series II V6 engine and its internals. The coffee table is made from the cast iron block and aluminum oil pan The end table is made from the flywheel, crankshaft, harmonic balancer, and a broke rotor Both include glass table tops coffee table series II...
1-3 of 3 Results