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  1. 3800 series I and series II parts interchangeability??

    Hey I'm looking for some headers for my 95 Bonneville SSEi but I can't seem to find any for the series I supercharged. I've found plenty for the series II though are they interchangeable (possibly with modification) or does anyone know of any for sale for the series I?
  2. Any 3800 Series I (L27) parts

    Looking for any parts, hard to find want something different so trying to build this up. Let me know.
  3. New guy

    Newbie Zone
    hey guys, i just bought a 89 park ave with the 3800 in it, im a little familiar with them, my dads 90 lesabre has one and my brother had a 98 park ave ultra with the 3800 s/c. I was just wondering if anyone knew of anyupgrades for the 3800 pre series/ ln3 motor i have? Thank You very much, Shawn