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  1. Engine dies when it gets warm, and won't restart

    Fuel System
    The vehicle is a 1996 Buick Riviera, 3.8 supercharged. After running for a half hour or so the engine will sputter, and die, and not restart back. It threw codes only one time, p0300, multiple cylinder misfire I believe. I have changes the fuel filter, fuel pump, and ignition module. All had no...
  2. Where is the connector that goes to the Coolant Temperature Sensor?

    I also posted this in the Cooling subforum, but I figured I'd post it here as well since I need an answer as soon as possible... I'm in the process of putting my engine back together after changing all the gaskets (except head gaskets.. this is my first time working on a car so I don't want to...
  3. Where the hell does the Coolant Temperature Sensor connect to?

    Cooling System
    I'm doing my gaskets right now (all but head gaskets) and right now I'm just putting the lower intake back in place. My question is, where is the connector for the coolant temperature sensor? The sensor is located under the thermostat and is a little plug that screws into the lower intake. If...
  4. over heating

    Cooling System
    Here we go. My wife blew the motor in her 98 Oldsmobile intrigue, so i swapped the motors, and it wanted to run hot only on the highway with AC on. City driving, AC on or off, is fine, but highway AC on it gets hot. So, i replaced headgaskets, lower intake Mani gasket and new Plenum. Replaced...
  5. Looking for Airflow Sensor

    As the post title states, I'm looking for a replacement airflow sensor for my 99 Regal GS - part number AFH50M-05. If anyone has a spare that works, let me know how much you'll sell it for. Thanks!
  6. siezed crank bolt

    Newbie Zone
    i own a 1997 grand prix gtp with 205007 miles, and just recently got the code P0337 which is the crankshaft position sensor, but to my problem, the bolt holding the harmonic balancer on seems to be siezed into the crank. i took it to Car-X and had them try to change the sensor for me, but they...