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  1. General Tech
    So I've finally gotten myself a GTP, really fun car so far but it does have some issues with it. First off the rockers are basically gone, my plan is to weld reinforcement metal in but I'm not sure how to go about that quite yet any suggestions are welcome. Secondly, the transmission is a little...
  2. Superchargers
    Hey guys, new to the forum. Have a decent amount of experience with repairing 3800s but just recently started seriously modding. Some background: I have a 2004 gtp and I just installed 1.9 rockers, a 3.4 pulley and a tune. I also have deleted my cat and resonator. Before the mods, I was seeing...
  3. Wanted
    Almost have my shopping list complete!! Anyways still need the following: -L67 belt tensioner -Rockers (stock is plenty for now) -L67 Headers (RWD Application) -K&N Filter and Box (will make custom inlet tube)
  4. For Sale
    Pictures located here, just scroll down the thread: http://www.clubgp.com/newforum/tm.asp?m=4970675&p=2&tmode=1&smode=1 1.9 ratio modified rockers, brand new never installed after modification done. (SOLD). DHP Power Tuner with Keyspan & Analog/Digital (SOLD) ZZP Front Plog with black High...
1-4 of 4 Results