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  1. 95 Buick Riviera rough idle when warmed up

    General Tech
    Hey all, new here. I have a 95 Riviera S/C - 3800 Series I. It has 128K, experiencing a really rough idle condition (shuddering, shaking) when the car warms up. It seems to get close to stalling out at stop lights, but it hasn't happened just yet. So far I have changed the following: spark...
  2. 3800 regular to supercharged swap?

    FWD 3800 Engine Swaps
    I have a 98 monte carlo z34 with a 3800. Am I able to swap out engines out of a 98 riviera supercharged? I can get the whole car, but just wanted it for the engine and transmission.
  3. 97 Buick Riviera - $800

    For Sale
    97 White Buick Riviera 120,000K The car has its fair share of problems but would be perfect for parts. Trans/Engine/Supercharger work fine. I have a bike that I use mainly for transporation so the car isn't driven that much anymore but has made it anywhere I needed it to go, however I need to...