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  1. Gen 3 M90 with MPS installed, 18" Zenetti Wheels, LC1 Wideband O2 Kit, Pioneer Head U

    For Sale
    18" Zenetti Wheels,ZZP Poly Dog Bone Mounts, Pac Swi-x I have some ZZP Poly Mounts $50 Shipped OBO Also have a used Pac Swi-x I bought off ebay. After I bought it I realized that it wasn't compatible with my head unit. $20 Shipped OBO Next up is some Zenetti brand after market wheels 18"x...
  2. Rim Job

    Wheels & Tires
    Looking for identical wheel set that was on the prototype 300GPX. Chrome or anodized doesn't matter. I know Eagle 77's are somewhat similar when you look at the "stance", but i like the rounded spokes and deeper lip.