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  1. Leaking supercharger at vented bolt in front of pulley

    I'm swapping my motor in my 99 regal gs SC. The one we got from Robbins in illinois we believe was from a gtp. We switched everything we needed to over and are about to place it back in my car and we noticed a small drip from the bolt on the supercharger pulley. I've looked up a few things that...
  2. 3.8sc l67 swap into 02 pontiac montana

    FWD 3800 Engine Swaps
    I just brought home the donor car, 2002 buick regal GS. I remember reading that the buick regal computer would work well in this situation, and found a donor of the same year as my van. (buick was a total loss hit in the rear) I probably wont get started on the project until this winter, but...
  3. Orifice tube on 99 Regal

    DTC's, Problems & Troubleshooting
    I have a 99 Regal with a 3800 engine (not turbo charged) with a malfunctioning A/C Compressor. Took the car in to have the refrigerant drained and my intent is to replace the compressor, accumulator and orifice tube. The first two are no problem. The orifice tube, however, is making my head...
  4. 97 Regal GS Fuel Sending Unit Problem

    Newbie Zone
    Hey 3800 Fans, I have a little problem, my Regal's fuel gauge is almost always on empty (or sometimes on full). I've searched around a bit, and think that it's a problem with the fuel sending unit. Just want to double check before I either drop the tank or open the trunk access panel to replace...
  5. Swapping a 3.1L for a 3.8L

    FWD 3800 Engine Swaps
    I have an 03' buick century with the standard 3100 SFI engine. Seens how the 97-05 Buick centurys never came with with the 3800 (to my knowlage). I was wondering if its possible to swap my 3.1L with a 3.8L supercharged engine out of a 97-05 Buick regal. Being more or less the same body style...