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  1. 95 PA Ultra l67

    Introductions for new members
    Well I got my new baby back in April, a 1995 Buick Park Avenue Ultra (freakin mouthful). Needs work so I’ve been digging through old threads across multiple forums about maintenance and possible mods for my series I L67. After weeks of research I’ve decided to tune up and restore performance...
  2. help i need a crankshaft

    Bottom End
    I am in need of a crankshaft, I bought a 2004 Grand Prix GTP with a bad rod bearing, upon tearing down the motor I brought the crank in to get it ground. My engine builder said it was past it's limits ( .040 under ) and that it is junk!!!!! EEEEEKS!!!!! any one got one for a series 3...
  3. Need some advice on cracked heads

    General Tech
    Hi all, I'm a bit lost and need some advice. My car is a 2002 Park Avenue (base NA model) that I inherited from my grandfather. At first I didn't think I wanted to drive it, but it's a great car. It also has sentimental value. It now has about 120k miles on it and has had the upper intake...
  4. Rebuilding Oil Pump

    Bottom End
    So a friend of mine wants to sell her 91 Park Avenue. Catch is the guy that came over to buy it told her that she needs to get a new oil pump. I checked it for her and sure enough there is no oil getting to the valves. I called the local parts store and they have a rebuild kit for about 40...