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  1. Advice on replacing the rear exhaust manifold gasket on a 2002 Buick Lesabre

    Hi guys, I need to replace the rear exhaust manifold gasket on my 3.8. Anyone have any advice on what I must remove to get at it. I have the Chiltons book on it. Here is the questions. Do I need to remove the alternator, the mass air flow sensor, and transaxle dipstick (how to do without...
  2. Rear disc swap 92-99 bonneville / lesabre / 88

    I've been running this swap for almost 4 years now. Here's what I did; Grab rear lower control arms from a 2000+ lesabre or bonneville, cut off the square part where the hub bearing and caliper bolt up, have a machine shop mill the cut side flat, and drill threads out of hub bolt holes. Use...