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  1. Wanted: Zzp supercharger pulley tool

    Hi all! I am looking to do a supercharger pulley swap and was wondering if anyone would be willing to sell/rent me their used supercharger pulley puller tool? I would be willing to pay you whatever you think is fair, I'm sure someone has one laying in their garage not being used so I figured...
  2. Loss of boost??

    Hey guys, new to the forum. Have a decent amount of experience with repairing 3800s but just recently started seriously modding. Some background: I have a 2004 gtp and I just installed 1.9 rockers, a 3.4 pulley and a tune. I also have deleted my cat and resonator. Before the mods, I was seeing...
  3. Comp 105s, 42.5s, 3.4, 3.25, SLP CAI, 2 TOG DPs, cometic MLS

    For Sale
    Lower prices - BOSCH GREENTOP 42.5s, Hardened 4th shaft. PRICES REDUCED!! Going turbo. Selling the S/C parts I have collected so far. I have: PICS ADDED Silver zzp MPS 8 rib 3.25" pulley $OLD Comp 105 lb valvesprings. 45k on them $80 shipped $OLD SLP Cold Air Intake $90 obo $OLD Cometic...
  4. 2.25" stack intercooler, 42lb. injectors, 3.3 pulley for sale

    For Sale
    2.25" intercooler 500 shipped, 42lb. injectors 225 shipped, 3.3 pulley 50 shipped I have a 2.25 inch intercooler for sell. This fits gen 3 or gen 5 comes with gen 3 bolts. This also comes with modded fuel rails and a fuel pressure gauge, that has braided hose, 500 shipped Also for sale 42 lb...
  5. 2002 Park Ave Ultra w/stock SC Upgrade

    I am new to the site. I am interested in putting a smaller pulley on my supercharger. If I do this where can I find a PCM ECM for my model and year car. All the ones I see are for Regal or impalas or something else. One person told me I may be able to use a PCM from a regal but I'm not sure. I...
  6. E85 and the HEATON M90

    General Tech
    First, you must be able to obtain E85. With a growing number of stations nation wide this will become more popular as time goes on! E85 is 85% ethanol(yes the corn stuff) and 15% other additives! Most think that it is 15% gasoline but this is actually untrue. Though gasoline is the biggest...
  7. 2007 Grand Prix SC Pulley Swap Help!

    Has anyone changed the supercharger pulley on a 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 3.8L SC? The SC pulley shaft does not have a breather cap and bolt. The pulley is pressed on. I'm not sure how to pull and install without the breather cap or ability to bolt on the puller tool. I can't seem to find any...
  8. High Knock

    I was doing a WOT scan run and the fuel pump voltage dropped off and the system went lean. The scanner picked up nearly 12 KR for a second before I stopped. The car has a 3.5" pulley, colder plugs, P&P M90, u-bend delete, FWI, 180 thermostat and an overkill PCM. I was running it on 91/100 octane...