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  1. Repressurizing fuel system

    Fuel System
    I've done some work recently on my 2000 camaro and was wondering how to pressurize after reinstalling the fuel rails..?
  2. possible fuel pump or FPR problem

    Fuel System
    The problem started about 3 days ago, I was driving at about 35-40 and the engine dies. I pulled over and tried to start it again, it wouldn't start so i let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Went to go start it and i had to give it gas to help it start. It idled good but when I went to go pull back onto...
  3. Low oil pressure

    Bottom End
    I got a new jasper motor in '08 in my camaro. I figured when the engine got more broken in it would fix itself. Over 20,000 miles later and same thing happens. The oil pressure guage has always hovered right above the red area (maybe around 10 psi). When accelerating it drops ever so slightly...