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  1. Where to start for making power?

    Newbie Zone
    I'm currently looking into getting another grand prix im looking at a 2002 GTP. I know that i should get a better intake and exhaust along with bigger injectors or a smaller pulley. What should i do after that i'm not looking for crazy power i'm looking to be able to beat those guys in stock...
  2. Need help with my FIRST 3800SC

    General Tech
    Earlier this week I bought my very first car with a Series II 3800SC engine. It's a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GT. Mechanically the car drives great, but it's really under powered. The engine looks great, until I took off the plastic cover and found a CLUSTER F**K of loose wires. And then I noticed...
  3. Car Bogs And Loses Power Uphill or Crusing Speeds

    General Tech
    **Fixed** Car Bogs And Loses Power Uphill or Crusing Speeds Hello. I have a 2005 Chevy Impala SS 3.8 Supercharged and going up hill it bogs down and loses power and also just at normal crusing speeds.If im going 60 and want to goto 65 ill slighlty press the gas and the rpms go up but then half...
  4. Yella Terra Supercharger

    Im thinking next year of bolting on a supercharger, im looking at the yella terra whipple blower what other mods will i have to do ( besides cams, ECU, exhaust ) will i have to do, when i bolt the blower on im also putting in the 4.2 stroker, so it'll be running forged pistons designed for...
  5. VT Commodore

    Newbie Zone
    I own a VT commodore with a V6 ECOTECH motor in her, gotta cold air intake, K&N airfilter, Splitfire sparkplugs and leads and a 2 1/2 inch exhaust system from the cats i was wondering if anyone can give me a few cheap mods to get more power to the ground... in the future im superchargering and...