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  1. blue chip or jet performance

    General Tech
    I was lookn for a performance chip for my 3.8 99 Camaro I found 2 that grabbed my attention 1 is the blue chip for 20 bucks on ebay and 2 is the jet performance chip which is 239 on ebay im kinda afraid of the 20 buck chip isn't that too cheap any advise is greatly appreciated...
  2. Dynotune A Budget Friendly Nitrous Kit!

    Nitrous Oxide (N2O)
    So I found a guy in my area that sells a few Nitrous Kits from this company called Dynotune ( DynoTune - DynoTune-Nitrous systems, Purge kits, Nitrous Bottle heaters and more! ). They seem like a good company with some decent equipment for great prices. Does anyone have experience with this...